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Nicholas June 23, 2021 0 Comments

A Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) delivered as a hosted service. It’s also known as a Virtual PBX and the advantages that companies experience are the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of their VoIP PBX. This is because their VoIP service provider hosts their PBX for them.

A Hosted PBX still allows companies to utilize and take complete advantage of their phone system’s features such as voicemail, faxing, automated greetings, conferences and so on.

Companies that offer Hosted PBX as a service to their customers handle the call routing or switching as well as all maintenance involved in the hosted PBX service.

There are three ways that a hosted phone system works; either over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), over the Internet (hosted IP PBX via Internet Telephony or Voice Over IP, VoIP), or with a combination of the two.

Key benefits of a hosted PBX solution

  • Initial and Ongoing cost savings – there’s no need for a large investment before installing your phone system and also the maintenance cost of your phone system is much lower as you don’t need to hire someone inhouse to operate and maintain your PBX.

  • Eliminate office boundaries – employees can work from anywhere with a virtual office phone system. Ideal for home-workers and salespeople who are constantly on the move.

  • Boost of corporate image – by using a hosted phone system small businesses can still give the impression of being a large organization with a professional phone system.

  • Scalability – with a virtual phone system businesses can add or remove lines and extensions as they grow. This requires minimal work and, depending on the provider, little to no additional costs.

  • Easy to manage – since there’s no end-user management involved with a virtual PBX, it’s easier to manage than a traditional phone system.

Why choose a hosted phone system for your business?

When choosing a PBX system for your business, the toss up between an on-premise phone system or a hosted phone system can be somewhat confusing.

With a hosted solution, introducing a whole new phone system to your company isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s quick and easy to set up, so there’s no down time for your business or expensive installation costs. Moreover, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive the best service and support and that your business’ communications are in safe hands.

More and more companies are opting for cloud phone system, and with good reason. In addition to the key benefits listed above, here’s why a hosted PBX is a great solution for companies of varying sizes:

  • Lower setup costs – As the phone system is virtual, the initial investment is minimal as there is no need for the costly phone hardware and installation that a traditional PBX requires. And you will be saving on valuable space since everything is in the cloud!

  • Elimination of maintenance costs – Your phone system is hosted by us so there is no need to hire someone in house to manage and maintain it. What’s more with a hosted solution you’re off the hook with regards to costs should there be a fault.

  • User-friendly – For end-users, a virtual PBX is conveniently simple to use and manage. There’s no need for any training or specialized skills so you can start using your new business phone system right away.

  • Unbeatable mobility & global potential – With a hosted phone system, employees can work from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection. Additionally, multiple offices can be connected by the same system eliminating inter-office call charges.

  • Secure communication – A hosted model delivers reliability since PBX updates and new functionality are included without delay. Disaster recovery is also fast and seamless.

  • Advanced Unified Communications – Keep on collaborating wherever you are with video conferencing, presence, instant messaging and more with softphones and mobile apps.