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Link-Tel’s cloud based Hosted PBX completely replaces your phone system with a modern unified communications platform. Link-Tel unifies your business voice service across desk phones, mobile phones and computers to allow your employees to stay connected with any device. The phone system comes fully packed with all of the latest features including Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, Music On Hold, Voicemail to Email, Call Blocking, Call Recording and much more! The management portal that is included also allows users and office managers to quickly make changes and add devices. But if you are not comfortable making changes, do not worry, our dedicated support team is just a phone call or support ticket away.

Cloud Hosted

The Link-Tel hosted PBX completely replaces legacy equipment. Putting your phone system in the cloud


Easy changes made directly in the user portal. Anything more complex? Call Us!!!

Quick Setup

Plug and Play System! All you need is an internet connection and a device

Truly Unlimited

Absolutely no limits on minutes, messages, concurrent calls! All Unlimited


The Link-Tel web phone is a modern web application that gives users the ability to make and receive calls, manage their voicemail, and send and receive chat and SMS. In addition, users have the ability to manage their greetings and their answering rules directly inside the application.

The Link-Tel mobile app provides users with the same features they get on their web phone (voicemail, voice, chat/SMS) on their mobile device or tablet. “Answering Rules" allow users to dictate which devices they want to ring, giving each of your employees total control of how they want incoming calls to route.

Link-Tel’s cloud hosted PBX supports all of the most popular VoIP phones today: Yealink, Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, you name it! This gives our users the flexibility to take advantage of the phones they already have, making our system truly plug and play. If you do happen to need devices, do not worry, Link-Tel has strong partnerships with all of the leading manufacturers and will be happy to help you choose which devices will best suit your needs.

The Attendant Console allows your receptionist to see the entire company on one easy to maneuver dashboard. The receptionist can make and receive calls, utilize call parking, and view the entire company’s availability. The Attendant Console also allows the receptionist to forward calls to call queues that have been setup for different departments all from within the application.

Our hosted PBX also supports all of the most popular conference room devices. In addition to the devices, Link-Tel’s hosted PBX also supports audio conference rooms that can easily be organized by department and managed by multiple people.


Mobile App
Our FREE Mobile App allows your mobile employees to utilize their smartphone to manage business phone calls.
Call Recording
Easily enable devices or users for call recording so you can play back later for review.
Built in Chat & Presence
See the presence/availability for each of your coworkers. Start individual chats or group chats on the web or mobile app.
Use personalized or system generated recordings for automated attendants. Add different recordings to different call queues with ease
Virtual Receptionist
Automate call delivery for your business. Utilize multiple menus to route callers to different people/departments.
Voicemail to Email
Choose whether to have notifications sent for new voicemails or to have the entire Message Attachment forwarded to your email.
Self-Service Portal
Full power to manage all individual features, including: call forwarding, answering rules, music on hold and much more.
Video Conferencing
Fully featured video conferencing solution for your remote workforce.
Web Phone
Make calls and chat with coworkers directly from your computer using Link-Tel's web app
Follow Me
Set incoming calls to route to all of your devices automatically or in succession ensuring you never miss an important call
Attendant Console
Answer calls, hold/transfer, view extension presence, visually park calls and much more!
Call Blocking
Anonymous call rejection and selective rejection allows you to control which calls you want to block

See The Full List of Features

Take a look at the full list of features for the entire Hosted PBX platform

See The Full List of Features

Take a look at the full list of features for the entire Hosted PBX platform

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